Rams in Q’mmunity Community & Mentoring Program



The Rams in Q'mmunity LGBTQIA+ Community & Mentoring Program is designed to support your transition into Colorado State University and set you up for academic, personal, and social success!

Inspired by the concept of chosen family and the important role in plays in Queer identity development, we hope to connect CSU students with students with similar identities navigating the complexities and joys of being LGBTQIA+. You may be asking yourself, what is a chosen family? In a definition provided by Queer Queries, A chosen family "is a group of individuals who deliberately choose one another to play significant roles in each other’s lives. One definition of chosen family is a group of people to whom you are emotionally close and consider ‘family’ even though you are not biologically or legally related. There are many reasons why this concept is of great importance in many queer communities. When most people think of a traditional nuclear family, they think of marriage and having children—both of which are exclusive towards or inaccessible to queer individuals. Many queer people  simply do not have access to these conventional methods of building families."

According to GLAAD and a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, 39% of LGBTQIA+ adults shared that they faced rejection by their birth family and close friends  because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. For some, 32% have moved away from their birth family to avoid discrimination, including 38% of Black respondents and 37% of Trans respondants. While we understand that the concept of family is complex for many, especially considering our many intersections of identity, we hope this program provides all of us a sense of community, familial connection, and belonging that we deserve as LGBTQIA+ community members at CSU. 

As part of the Rams in Q'mmunity LGBTQIA+ Community & Mentoring Programs, students are assigned to  a Q Group. In these Q Groups, students will have the the opportunity to meet others in their community but also receive personalized support and guidance from their Family Group Leader, a Pride student staff member who will provide guidance and support regarding your personal, academic, and social success at CSU.




  • Learn skills to best support your academic, personal, and social success.
  • Learn about intersectional social justice issues and topics that impact the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Develop a LGBTQIA+ network that includes other CSU students, faculty, staff, and community members.
  • Receive personalized and direct support from your Pride Family Group Leader, who can find answers for you about college, and give you valueble advice on best ways to navigate CSU. 
  • Attend personalized events and programs specifically for Pride Mentoring participants.


Who Can Participate

Any active CSU student is welcome to particpate. This mentoring program is specifcally focused for LGBTQIA+ students, or students wanting to learning more or exploring their identity. Family Group Leader assignment pairing is given priority to incoming first year and transfer students as well as returning second year students.

Students are also welcome to participate in the program by attending our Queer Connections dialogues, our Pride Community Retreat amongst other events hosted by the Rams in Q'mmunity program.

Time Committment | Committment is flexible and varies week by week. Family Group leaders will announce opportunities for students to engage at any point throughout the semester. If you feel at the end of the Fall semester no longer wanting to be involved, that's ok and just let us know. 



Family Group Leader Matching 

Pride Family Group Leader are trained to assist and support you in your transition to CSU and will help get you connected to resources and the campus community! They are student leaders who can work with you on navigating our LGBTQIA+ identities, assist with prepping you with time management, and study skills, amongst other valueble needs.

As part of the Rams in Q'mmunity program, you can expect regular contact from your mentor regarding important updates, events, and services that may benefit your CSU experience. Family Group Leaders are paired with program participants based on varying academic and social interests and will continue to build their relationship with you over the development of the program.


Application Process

Due to limited staffing capabilities, all incoming students interested in our peer mentoring program must complete a registration application. Priority is given to incoming first year and transfer students. All students will receive notification of their application status by the first week of the Fall 2021 semester. 

Access the Rams in Q'mmunity Application (opens new tab)

For further questions please contact Pedro Ramos (he/him) at pedro.ramos@colostate.edu

Frequently Asked Questions