CSU LGBTQ+ Discord


 In the CSU LGBTQ+ Discord server, members  have the opportunity to seek and build community, ask for community resources and mutual aid, and stay up to date with all things LGBTQ+ in Fort Collins and at CSU. Join our digital LGBTQ+ resource community today!

Ready to join? New members will be required to submit their CSU EID and Discord username. This is an online space for current CSU students only. Once the application has been submitted, users will receive a code to access the space.

Questions about the Discord server? Contact pride_rc@mail.colostate.edu 

Resources: Beginners Guide to using Discord

Help us shape the future of the Discord by becoming a moderator!

Moderators are volunteer positions that sit on the Pride Leadership Council with other student leaders who do LGBTQIA work on campus. Our Discord Moderators promote our center’s community guidelines, address concerning or harmful comments, and serve as a liaison between our physical and virtual community spaces. Moderators will receive training & development for their role.

We are looking for 2-3 moderators to join the team over the next 2 weeks. If we do not have folx interested in moderating by Oct 7, we will need to close the Discord by the end of the month.

Interested? – Learn more & apply to be a moderator!

Community Guidelines for our Server

All users are expected to be currently enrolled or affiliated with Colorado State University. Those who are not may be removed from this server. 

We welcome you using Discord in the following ways:

  • Making connections with other students that support you throughout your time at CSU.
  • Looking for housing and roommates.
  • Asking for resource recommendations, such as therapists, classes, and more.
  • Stay up to date with and share events and programs happening at CSU and in the general Fort Collins/ Denver area.
  • Community care, activism, and mutual aid.
  • Spreading some queer love and joy.

We encourage you to seek alternate forms of communication, such as DMs, email, or in-person conversation when:

  • Discussing topics that may be triggering to others. We value agency and consent, so when sharing about triggering topics, please provide a content warning, use || on either side of the text, or move the conversation to a more private avenue like a direct message. This helps our community maintain their own agency in self care. Our moderators may chime in to recommend this as needed.
  • There are concerns about a specific user or moderator. Please reach out directly to our professional staff at maggie.hendrickson@colostatse.edu or soleil.gonzalez@colostate.edu if this occurs. Addressing conflict via Discord creates room for escalation, miscommunication, and frustration. Please reach out to have this conflict addressed in more direct ways. 
  • There is feedback about the server or Pride Resource Center. We want to hear our community’s input and don’t want it lost in the chatter of the Discord. Please reach out directly to a moderator, the feedback channel, or via email at pride_rc@mail.colostate.edu or to our professional staff. 

The moderators reserve the right to block users or remove content that:

  • is threatening harm to self or others,
  • involves slurs, bias, jokes, and discriminatory language regarding race, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, nationality, language, immigration status amongst other protected classes,
  • contains significant gore, sexual content, and violence,
  • or is determined by our moderators as spam.

This CSU LGBTQ+ Discord server abides by the CSU Student Code of Conduct and processes https://resolutioncenter.colostate.edu/student-conduct-code/. Professional staff will follow up as needed to address concerning behavior or impact users are having on their community.