LGBTQ Policy and Advocacy In Spain!

LGBTQ Policy and Advocacy in Spain


This CSU faculty-led summer program examines advocacy and policies, which affect LGBTQ communities in Spain. By traveling to Barcelona and engaging in international activities, lecture, and events, students will have the opportunity to explore how one country's journey toward equality can inform other countries. A specific look at how social identities weave into the complexities of policy will be examined (e.g. race, socioeconomic status, etc.). Related site visits to enhance academic content include visiting Casal Lmadba, an association that brings together the local LGBTQ community to provide social and health services, the Axel Hotel Barcelona, a day trip to Sitges, Spain's most gay-friendly town, ACEGAL, a major Catalan association of firms and businesses for the LGBTQ Community, and more. Students will enroll in WS 382A: LGBTQ Advocacy and Policy {3 credits}.


Barcelona is the heart and capital of the region Catalona in the northeast corner of Spain. Barcelona is one of the world's leading tourist, economic, trade fair and cultural centers, and its influence in commerce, entertainment, media, fashion, science, and the arts all contribute to its status as one of the world's major global cities.

Housing and Meals

Accommodations include shared apartments with fully equipped kitchenettes, living rooms, air conditioning and WiFi. Breakfast is provided daily, as well as a welcome and farewell dinner.

Spain -Barcelona- CSU Education Abroad

Program Dates: Summer 2019
Application Deadline: Early: December 1st, 2018 - Final: February 15
Eligibility Requirements
  1. Minimum 2.25 GPA
  2. Instructor Approval
  3. Good Disciplinary Standing
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