Rams in Q’mmunity: Registration

PART 1 - General Information

The information disclosed will only be used by Pride Pro staff and won't be shared with others.
Can be legal or chosen first name. Whatever is most comfortable and affirming.
Read more about pronouns by visiting https://www.mypronouns.org/what-and-why
I am an

Please describe below
Are you a first generation college student?
First generation college student in this context refers to you attending a 2 or 4-year-college or university but your parents have not. (Not a requirement to participate)
Mentors will occassionally text their mentees to share important information and updates. If you prefer not to share a phone number please write "N/A"

PART 2 - About You

Tell us why you'd love to join! Is there anything specifically you're interested in learning about in this experience? What are you hoping to gain from the program?
What aspects of this upcoming year are you most nervous about?
What aspects of the program are you most excited about?
Salient identities, area of study, hometown hobbies, clubs/organizations, volunteering, athletics, student employment, etc.

PART 3 - Family Group Matching Questions

What are you looking for in a mentor? Select all that apply
We pair mentors and mentees based on a variety of factors. To help us with this process, please tell us what you are looking for in a mentor below. (Note: We will do our best to pair you based on your preferences given our current mentors)
Such as, but not limited to, other important identities, specific interests, etc.
What types of engagement would you prefer for the upcoming Semester?
(Think small group meetings, programs, events etc)

PART 4 Additional Information

Pride takes photos at all events for recruitment efforts. Are you comfortable with your picture being taken and used for this purpose?
Publications could include print, social media, and website.
Are you interested in participating in our LGBTQIA+ New Student Seminar during Fall 2021?