Online Resources

A – C

  • Asexuality

    Resources regarding asexuality, including information on terminology, awareness, and support. Learn more.

  • Bilingual Resources and/or Resources in Different Languages

    Resources offer users sites and languages other than English, including American Sign Language and Spanish. Learn more.

  • Bisexual People and Communities

    Resources for bisexual people, communities, and their allies, including, the history of the bi flag. Learn more.

  • Bodies, Relationships, and Sexuality

    These links offer information on body image and acceptance, intimate partner violence, safer sex, relationships, and particular communities within LGBTQ communities, such as Bears. With whom and how we share ourselves can be one of the most intimate acts we engage in. These links are intended for education and information purposes. Learn more.

  • Campus Life & Student Resources

    Resources for LGBTQ identified university and college students. Learn more.

  • Coming Out & Being Out

    Coming out is a lifelong process. If you identify as same gender loving, bisexual, lesbian, gay, or are questioning your sexuality, these resources may be helpful in continuing your self-exploration. Learn more.

  • Congregations

    Welcoming and affirming congregations in and/or around Fort Collins. Learn more.

  • Cyberbullying

    Rsources for cyber bullying including statistics, laws, and how to stop it. Learn more.


  • Education and Research Resources

    Need help with your research paper or proposal? Looking for subject areas, keywords, or what Morgan Library has to offer? Then you’ve come to the right place. Learn more.

  • FAQs

    Pride Resource Center’s frequently asked questions Learn more.

  • Financial Aid & Colorado LGBTQIA+ Scholarships

    List of databases and scholarships within the state of Colorado. Learn more.

  • Gay and Lesbian People and Communities

    Resources for gay and lesbian people and communities, their friends and allies. Learn more.

  • Law & Policy

    Law & Sexuality Learn more.

  • LGBTQIA+ – Identified Health

    Coming out is a lifelong process. If you identify as same gender loving, bisexual, lesbian, gay, or are questioning your sexuality, these resources may be helpful in continuing your self-exploration. Learn more.

H – P

  • History

    Did you know that the word homosexuality didn’t exist until the 1800s? Or, that because of one lesbian who talked back to the cops, on a night in June 1969, the modern GLB civil rights movement began? We are members of communities that have a long and fabulous history. Learn more.


    Need information? Want to get tested? Find info here. Learn more.

  • Hotlines

    Sometimes you need to talk to someone after hours. These hotlines provide peer or professional support on these nights when you or a friend may be feeling lost or alone. Learn more.

  • Intersex

    Resources for people who were born intersex and their friends and families. Learn more.

  • Multiple Identities

    Our communities reflect a rich diversity in salient identities. These sites directly relate to LGBTQ people and communities whom identify as differently abled, disabled, or people of color. Some, but not all, sites have been cross-listed elsewhere in the links. Learn more.

  • Name Change

    How to legally change your name in Colorado. Learn more.

  • Northern Colorado and Fort Collins Resources

    Resources for the Fort Collins and Northern Colorado communities. Learn more.

  • Political Advocacy and National Organizations

    Even before the Stonewall Rebellion, many people were working towards a more equitable world. These organizations are continuing that legacy. Learn More.

  • Polyamory

    Resources regarding polyamory, including FAQs, community, and support. Learn more.

  • Popular Media and News

    Looking for new queer music or the most recent story in The Advocate? Your search has ended – find news, music, and more here. Learn more.

S – Z

  • Spirituality and LGBTQIA – Identified

    Spirit and/or faith are important to many in our communities. Sometimes, we are unaware of what resources are available for further spiritual development. These links provide access for people to more deeply explore issues of spirit and/or faith. While not exhaustive, these links provide support for a variety of spiritual paths, including LDS, Buddhist, and Jewish paths. Learn more.

  • Transgender

    Our gender walks around with us every day. Some of us possess congruence with our assigned sex; others do not. One’s gender identity relates to how we feel we walk through the world, whether or not how we move through the world matches our assigned sex. One’s gender expression includes everything from the intonation of our voice to the clothes we wear to nonverbal behavior. These resources relate to gender identity and expression. They encompass legal, health and general resources for those who may identify cross-dressers, genderqueer individuals, transsexual individuals, or transgender individuals. Learn more.

  • Workplace

    Need information about lgbtq+ workplace policies? Or does your workplace already have a non-discrimination policy in place, but does not yet offer domestic partner benefits? Looking for LGBT-affirmative businesses? All of that and more is offered from these sites! Learn more.

  • Youth and Family

    All of us have families of origin. Many of us have created families of choice. If you are a youth, college student, parent, elder, or somewhere in between, and are looking for more information regarding LGBTQ families and youth, you will be able to find something here. Learn more.

  • Suicide Prevention

    Suicide prevention information Learn more.