Bodies, Relationships, and Sexuality

These links offer information on body image and acceptance, intimate partner violence, safer sex, relationships, and particular communities within LGBTQ communities, such as Bears. With whom and how we share ourselves can be one of the most intimate acts we engage in. These links are intended for education and information purposes.

Body Positive boosting body image at any weight

Coalition for Positive Sexuality

Eating Disorders                                                            

GLBTQ Domestic Violence Project

Loving More (polyamory)

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (includes search site for Kink Aware Professionals)

Network, The /La Red
Ending abuse in lesbian, bisexual women’s and transgender communities
Acabando con el abuso en comunidades de lesbianas, de mujeres bisexuales y de gente transgénero

New England Leather Alliance (includes definitions, Safe, Sane and Consensual, and Difference between BDSM and domestic violence)

No Lose