Multiple Identities

Resources for people who were born intersex and their friends and families.

Gender Expansion Project

Intersex Society of North America

Survivor Project, The


Disabled & GLBTQI-identified

Bent Voices:  “the voice of queer/crip men

Planet Deaf Queer

Disability Now

Deaf Lost to AIDS: Remember their Names

Disabled Women on the Web

Eli Clare


People of Color

API Family Pride

Audre Lorde Project, The

Bisexual Writers/Artists/Activists of Color

Dari Project, The

Gay Men of African Descent

Indigenous Literature with a Queer/LGBT/Two-Spirit Sensibilility

National Black Justice Coalition

Native Out

Resources for GLBT Youth of Color (Safe Schools Coalition)

Same Gender Loving, Bi and Transgendered People of the African Diaspora

Zuna Institute, The