Our gender walks around with us every day.  Some of us possess congruency with our assigned sex; others do not.  One’s gender identity relates to how we feel we walk through the world, whether how we move through the world matches our assigned sex.  One’s gender expression includes everything from the intonation of our voice to the clothes we wear to nonverbal behavior.  These resources relate to gender identity and expression.  They encompass legal, health and general resources for those who may identify cross-dressers, genderqueer individuals, transsexual individuals, or transgender individuals.

Center for Gender Sanity

For Ourselves Reworking Gender Expression (FORGE)

FTM International


Hudson’s FTM Resource Guide

International Foundation for Gender Education

Legal Name Change Project

Lynn Conway

National Center for Transgender Equality

Point of Pride

Sylvia Rivera Law Project

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Transgender Law Center

Transgender Law and Policy Institute

Transgender Resources from Michael’s Page