Student Advocacy

The Pride Resource Center is committed to supporting our students’ voice and self-advocacy. Each year, we look for students who are interested in serving in the advocacy roles below. All our Pride Student Representatives and affiliated student organization leaders are invited to participate in monthly Pride Leadership Council meetings.

ASCSU Senators & Associate Senators

The Associated Students of CSU (ASCSU) are elected Representatives who advocate for CSU students on campus and at the local, state, and national levels of government. ASCSU Oversees the allocation of student fees for campus programming, athletics, and a wide variety of services such as RamRide, Transport, media publication and much more. The Pride Resource Center typically has 4 seats in ASCSU.

PMSAC Representatives

The President’s Multicultural Student Advisory Committee is a group of students who represent the Student Diversity Programs & Services and other multicultural groups on campus in advocating for student needs to the university President and Administrators. The Pride Resource Center typically has 2 seats in PMSAC

Trans Student Support Representatives

These student reps serve on the Trans Healthcare Committee, which provides feedback to the Transgender Care unit in the CSU Health Network and the Trans Student Support Committee, which provides feedback to campus partners working on making CSU a more affirming and accessible campus for trans students. The Pride Resource Center typically has 2-4 positions.

Our positions are currently full for 2020-2021. If you are interested in serving in one of these roles, please email

Have feedback about your experience on campus as an LGBTQIA+ student? Let your representatives know!


Pride Student Representative Feedback - LGBTQ+ at CSU

Have feedback or suggestions for change at CSU to better your experience as an LGBTQ+ student? We want to hear it! Submit this form with your name or anonymously and the feedback will go to our Pride student representatives in ASCSU, the President's Multicultural Student Advisory Committee, and Trans Support Committees.
  • Note

    If your feedback involves references to Title IX issues, such as sexual assault, harassment, relationship violence or stalking, we may need to share this information with our Title IX reporting office. Additionally, if this references a a bias incident, we may share this information to our Bias Incident Report team. You can read more about these here:
  • Chosen & preferred names are absolutely welcome.