Counseling Services

Counseling Services, located within the CSU Health Network, offers a range of services for trans* identified students seeking counseling. We offer individual therapy in a safe and welcoming environment for most mental health concerns. We also offer individual counseling for those interested in exploring transitioning or those seeking support during their transition. Counseling Services works in conjunction with Medical Services to provide more comprehensive support for many issues including issues experienced by those engaging in medical interventions as part of their transition.

Additionally, Counseling Services offers a wide variety of other services, including drug and alcohol counseling, couples counseling, learning assistance consultation, and groups. Our groups program includes interpersonal process groups, theme groups, psycho-educational groups, academic support groups, and workshops on various topics. These groups are designed to help people who are looking to improve communication patterns, develop good study habits, manage stress, or achieve other goals. In addition to the services listed above, we offer emergency services for those experiencing an acute mental health crisis. Please contact us at 491-6053 if you have any questions.