CSU Health Insurance and Coverage

Hormone replacement therapy

Hormone replacement therapy is covered by the CSU Health Insurance offered to undergraduate and graduate students. Under the insurance plan, pharmacies accepting Scriptcare, including the CSU pharmacy can be used to fill prescriptions. There is no copay at the CSU pharmacy.

Gender confirmation/affirmation surgery

Gender confirmation/affirmation surgery is also covered by the CSU Health Insurance beginning August 26, 2013. Students may utilize the practitioner of their choice. However, please be aware that under the plan in-network providers are paid at 80% and the insurance plan’s network is Aetua. Out of network providers are paid at 60%. Also, a referral is required from the CSU Health Network to be seen by an outside provider.

For more information, please read the insurance brochure* or contact the insurance claims administrator AmeriBen at (855) 258-2656.

ONE Colorado: 2016 Transgender Health Insurance Guide

ONE Colorado has provided a helpful shopping guide for those purchasing outside health insurance regarding known coverage and available information regarding health for Transgender Coloradans. Access to the guide here*. For more information e-mail health@one-colorado.org.