Gender Affirming Garments

The Pride Resource Center and Women and Gender Advocacy Center have collaborated to provide free access to trans masculine and trans feminine gender-affirming garments to CSU students.

What is available?

  • Chest Binders from gc2b
  • Bra Inserts from Origami Customs
  • Compression Gaffs from Origami Customs

What sizes & styles are available?

You can see our inventory via the button below. Sizing & supply are limited and may be updated throughout the year.

How do I access these items?

We are currently unable to provide in-person services beginning November 16th 2020. We will announce our reopening plans in January for Spring 2021 and how these items will be available.

All items are free & in discretely labeled bags. No disclosure or contact information needs to be provided. Just stop in & ask a staff where the gender affirming garments can be found! We encourage folks to clean their items after pick up due to COVID-19. 

How does sizing work?

We have a sizing chart and measuring tape in the center that you can use to help choose your item. We recommend checking out the websites for each company to learn about sizing so you can have an idea of what you're looking for before coming in.

Do we take donations?

We currently accept donated binders & bra inserts. They must be gently-used, cleaned and labeled with sizing and the company it was originally purchased from. We do not accept donated compression gaffs. If you have a question about donations, email us to see if we accept it. All donated items are labeled as such.

Click here to see our inventory


A binder is a tight undershirt (full tank or half tank) that flattens your chest. This is often used by trans masculine folks or anyone who experiences discomfort/dysphoria with the size of their chest.

We recommend talking to your doctor and following the safety tips below:

  • A binder should feel tight – but not so tight that it is painful, very uncomfortable, or difficult to breathe.
  • Listen to your body – if it hurts, take a break.
  • Limit the amount of time that you wear your binder – you should not wear it for more than 8-10 hours at a time.
  • Do not sleep in your binder.
  • Avoid binding every day. Take 1-2 days off a week.
  • Avoid exercising in your binder.
  • Avoid putting on the binder while wet. Swimming is ok, but consider going up a size.
  • Do not double-bind.
  • Stretch often.
  • Do not tape or self bind with duct tape, bandages, or other items that are not explicitly made for chest binding.

Alternatives to binding:

  • Sports bra (layering 2 sports bras)
  • Go up a size in shirts
  • Layer undershirts & outer-layers
  • Patterns, dark colors & open button downs/sweaters
  • Top surgery