Residence Halls and Housing


Residence halls offer students the choice of All Gender and Open Housing.

All Gender and Open Housing provides students a community where roommates and/or suitemates of any gender can live together in a more integrated environment. All gender and open housing is reflective of the housing choices/opportunities available to students off-campus where they can select their roommate of choice. Some examples of students who may be interested in all gender and open housing include but are not limited to:

  • Disabled student rooming with a student attendant of the opposite sex
  • Female international student living with a male student guardian (i.e. brother, cousin, uncle)
  • Transgender student requesting a roommate based on comfort and support rather than biological sex (e.g., friend or ally)
  • Depressed/anxious student requesting a non-binary gender roommate for support
  • Siblings, cousins, and childhood friends of varying gender identities (e.g., male/female siblings or twin)

For more information, please contact the University Housing Office at or (970) 491-4719 or visit their website at

Are you a returning student?

To access the All Gender & Open Housing application, email and they will send it directly to you.