Maggie Hendrickson, Director

Pronouns: They/Them

: : 970-491-1022

Spring Drop In Hours: Tuesdays 3- 5 PM in the Pride Center, no appointment needed.

Maggie is passionate about celebrating Trans and Queer joy, hope, agency, and community care – and loves creating opportunities for this in the Pride Resource Center. Maggie join the Pride staff in 2019 as the Assistant Director, and is thrilled for the opportunity to move into the Director role. They received their undergraduate degree in Recreation and Youth Development from the University of New Hampshire and their graduate degree in Student Development Administration from Seattle University. Outside of Pride, Maggie enjoys cooking, baking, being outside, and getting involved in the community. Maggie is happy to chat about self care, social justice, Steven Universe, summer camp, movies, gender fluidity, One Direction and their black cat, Stevie Licks.

Soleil A. Gonzalez, Program Coordinator

Pronouns: They/Them/Ellos
: :

Fall Drop-In Hours: Monday’s & Thursday’s 3:00 – 4:00 PM in LSC 232 or email Soleil to schedule an appointment.

Soleil is beyond excited to serve as Pride’s Program Coordinator. Soleil identifies as a first-generation Latiné queer fluid individual, was born in Denver, and has lived in over eight cities. Soleil graduated from CSU with a bachelor’s in Psychology with a minor in Ethnic Studies and previously worked at the Pride Resource Center as an undergraduate student. Soleil is passionate about social justice and education reform. Soleil loves anime, reading, and sitting in nature. They are an animal lover, tree hugger, and JDM car enthusiast so they love to talk shop about modifying cars. They love connecting with people and getting to know you as the amazing person. So please feel free to stop by in the office or connect virtually if you are in need of community, processing, or connection.