Pride Leadership Council

The Pride Leadership Council (PLC) is a group of students who volunteer in a variety of leadership and advocacy roles in Pride and across campus as representatives of the CSU LGBTQIA+ community. 

PLC meets regularly with staff of the Pride Resource Center to provide feedback on campus initiatives, create projects based on their passions and community needs, and to continue developing as leaders and advocates of our community. There are multiple ways you can get involved in the Pride Leadership Council, with a variety of levels of commitment. Please read the descriptions and expectations below to learn more about our positions. All members of PLC are expected to attend regular meetings (2-3 hours per month) and uphold Pride’s Community Guidelines

In the past, PLC has advocated for funding for the Pride Resource Closet and gender affirming garment program, increasing signage for all gender restrooms across campus, meeting with university leadership to discuss LGBTQIA+ student safety and more.

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Pride Leadership Council Positions

ASCSU Senate Team

The Associated Students of CSU (ASCSU) are elected representatives who advocate for CSU students on campus and at the local, state, and national levels of government. ASCSU oversees the allocation of student fees for campus programming, athletics, and a wide variety of services such as RamRide, Transport, Rams Against Hunger, media publication and much more. In addition to representatives of each academic college, each Student Diversity Programs & Services office has representation in ASCSU. The Pride Resource Center typically has 4 seats in ASCSU; 2 Senator and 2 Associate Senator positions.

Expectations of the roles include:
  • Represent needs of CSU LGBTQIA+ students in ASCSU meetings, elections, voting, subcommittees, etc.
  • Attend ASCSU meetings once a week, plus additional subcommittee meeting requirements.
  • Build relationships and partner with senate teams of the other SDPS offices.
  • Speak with LGBTQIA+ students to best represent their needs.

Discord Moderators

Pride hosts a CSU LGBTQIA+ Discord server to support our community’s ability to virtually connect with each other and share resources and events. Our Discord Moderators help build community, promote our center’s community guidelines, address concerning or harmful comments, and serve as a liaison between our physical and virtual community spaces. Each semester we look for 4 moderators. 

Expectations of this role include:
  • Regularly engage in the CSU LGBTQIA+ server to build community, welcome new members, and promote conversation.
  • Address concerning or harmful comments that do not align with community guidelines, and/or report concerning behavior or comments to professional staff or appropriate channels (Tell Someone, Title IX, etc).
  • Share Pride events and resources on the server.
  • Respond to messages in the feedback and mod chats, such as editing rules, creating new channels/bots, and answering questions
  • Bring concerns about ongoing impact of certain users, channels, or topics to professional staff (through staff meetings, Pride Leadership Council meetings, or individually).


These positions represent the interests and needs of Trans & Nonbinary students on a variety of committees that work towards making CSU a more inclusive and accessible place for Trans, Nonbinary, Intersex, and gender diverse folx, such as the Trans Healthcare Committee and Trans Oversight Committee. The Pride Resource Center typically has 2-4 positions

Expectations of the roles include:
  • Provide feedback to staff about healthcare, mental health resources, housing, policies, and other aspects of the student experience.
  • Attend various committee meetings as student representatives.
  • Speak with LGBTQIA+ students to best represent their needs.


LGBTQIA+ affiliated student organizations are invited to stay connected to the Pride Resource Center through the Pride Leadership Council. Pride is committed to investing in our student orgs' development, leadership, membership, and legacy.

Expectations of this role include:
  • Must represent an active registered student organization that is connected to LGBTQIA+ experiences on campus, or actively in the process of becoming a registered student organization.
  • Student organization representatives must follow policies and guidance by their organization advisor and the SLICE office.

    Visible Voices Representatives

    Members of Visible Voices are welcome to apply as representatives of this volunteer group to advocate on behalf of LGBTQIA+ community members and the trends they notice through the Visible Voices program. There are 2 positions available each year.

    Expectations of this role include:
    • Must be a current Visible Voices volunteer who has gone through annual training.
    • Serve as liaison between Pride Leadership Council and Visible Voices volunteers, through sharing feedback, extending invitations to join projects, etc. 
    • Advocate on behalf of trends and experiences learned via Visible Voices.

    Pride Leadership Council Application

    We are looking for folks to participate in our Pride Leadership Council as members of ASCSU (Associated Students of CSU), Trans Student Support Representatives, Discord Moderators and Student Org Leaders. These positions are volunteer opportunities that are a great fit for those looking to get involved and grow skills in advocacy and collaboration. Email with questions.

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