Mission, Vision, & Values

Who Are We?

The Pride Resource Center is part of the Student Diversity Programs and Services Cluster within the Office of Inclusive Excellence at Colorado State University.


The Pride Resource Center provides programs and services to support the retention and thriving of LGBTQ+ students at CSU.

Pride also provides resources for all community members to embrace and expand their understanding of sexual and romantic orientations, and gender identity and expression through engaging the campus in critical learning and action towards the liberation of our wider LGBTQ+ community, particularly those who continue to face oppression based on other intersecting identities.


To create a campus culture in which all CSU LGBTQ+ students can thrive.

What Do We Do?

Community Building

The Pride Resource Center offers regular opportunities for students to build community on campus. We build community through Events (e.g. LGBTQ+ History Month, Lavender Graduation), dialogues and workshops (e.g. Queer Connections), and opportunities to explore and learn about identity and campus resources (e.g. Pride Community Retreat, Out in the Rec)


The Pride Resource Center regularly advocates for institutional change that better supports the safety, retention, success, and mental wellbeing of all LGBTQIA+ students, while centering the ways in which systemic barriers disproportionately impact students based on race, culture, ethnicity, social class, and other identities. We do this through meeting one-on-one with students, serving on institutional committees, supporting students’ self-advocacy, and promoting awareness initiatives. 


The Pride Resource Center serves as a connection point for students, employees, and community members seeking resources regarding coming out, transitioning, healthcare, mental health, finances, housing, document/record changes, and supporting loved ones. 


The Pride Resource Center offers regular training and educational opportunities for members of the CSU community, as well as the surrounding area, to expand their awareness and knowledge of sexual orientation, romantic orientation, gender identity, and gender expression and develop skills to better advocate for and support members of the LGBTQ+ community, from an intersectional lens. 

Student Success

The Pride Resource Center is committed to promoting our students’ personal and academic success at CSU and beyond. We focus on supporting our new students' transition to CSU through our Rams in Q'mmunity Mentoring Program and New Student Seminar, and empowering our students through graduation and post-college planning through partnerships with the Career Center.

How Do We Do It?


The Pride Resource Center uses the following values to shape the role our programs, initiatives, student leaders, and staff have in supporting and serving our students and campus community.


We’re committed to unapologetically celebrating our Trans & Queer past, future, and present.


We’re committed to our community finding and embracing their authentic selves, cultures, and identities.


We’re committed to investing in our community and expanding our culture of interdependence in which we support one another's needs like love, laughter, resources, care and access.

Social Justice

We’re committed to liberation - to challenging the norms and institutionalization of white supremacy, dominance, colonialism and exclusion and their inherent ties to cisheterosexism, homophobia, and transphobia.


We’re committed to receiving feedback and taking ownership over impact and harm that is perpetuated within our community, and to hold the university accountable to critical learning and action to support students across identity.


The Pride Resource Center commits to approaching our work of providing community building, advocacy, resources, education, and student success initiatives to the CSU community through a student-centered, intersectional, collaborative, and justice-oriented lens. This work requires care, and for us to be reflective, adaptable, and open to feedback. As a member of the Student Diversity Programs and Services cluster, we maintain our responsibility to invest in collective coalition-building that works towards dismantling all forms of institutional and systemic oppression and exclusion that impact folks across race, ethnicity, disability, gender, sexual orientation, romantic orientation, social class, documentation status, language, veteran status, religion/faith, etc. In doing so we are cognizant for the need to address our individual privileges, power, and positionality in an effort to dismantle white supremacy, colonialism, and exclusion. 

The LGBTQIA+ community is one of great creativity, joy, strength, and diversity - and we aim to celebrate and build upon these by investing in the individual and collective wellbeing of the students we serve.

Pride Community Guidelines

The following guidelines were created by students and staff of the Pride Resource Center to support us in continually making Pride the place our students, of all intersecting identities, want and need it to be. We encourage all who visit the center to consider how they can contribute to these Community Guidelines. 

  1. We are a community that cares and advocates for others.
  2. Our community is always growing - welcome & make space for others.
  3. Keeping the center clean is a form of community care.
  4. Feedback and accountability help our community thrive.
  5. Taking care of our community starts with taking care of ourselves.
  6. All of our struggles are connected. Learning through dialogue & listening helps us grow and act in solidarity.
  7. Celebrating queer joy and love is an act of resistance and healing - create these moments for yourself and others.