Student Organizations

Athlete Ally

Colorado State Athlete Ally educates and celebrates the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ student-athletes and allies of all sexual orientation, gender identities/expressions who are in CSU Athletics to build and maintain strong ties within the LBGTQ+ communities. We stand to create visibility within the Colorado State University Athletic Department, Student Services, and Administration (Faculty/Staff), to end homophobia and transphobia in the athletic community and exercise leadership for equality. CSAA RAMbows will strive to  participate in community service opportunities, hosting featured PRIDE games throughout the athletic teams at CSU, and creating visibility in the campus community. 

Meetings: Thursdays



BAPPQ (Bi, Ace, Aro, Pan, Poly, Queer and Questioning) is a student organization that aims to provide education surrounding middle sexualities, support, and community to all individuals that hold these identities; while also affirming and honoring the intersecting and simultaneous identities that individuals hold. BAPPQ also seeks to provide education surrounding these identities for allies in and of the community.

Meetings: Every Thursday at 4:30 PM (email for location)



A CSU community collective rooted in critical advocacy and dialogue dedicated to Trans & Queer Students of Color in efforts of dismantling overlapping systems of oppression. This is done through education and programming that serves to advance the conversation of current political issues impacting QTBIPOC.

Contact: if interested!


A social and support group for graduate students. Designed as a community for queer- and trans-identifying graduate students.



Geared towards serving lgbt+ students who are serving in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics but also open to all majors. Focus on networking and building skill for success in science fields while holding a queer identity.

Meetings: Every other Monday



Pride Student Veterinary Medicine Club is for LGBTQ+ students and allies studying veterinary medical sciences. Meetings are monthly – contact for more info!



Prism’s purpose is to educate its members, other CSU students and community members about issues pertaining to the LGBTQ+ community and its allies through healthy support and challenge while raising awareness and decreasing discrimination in a safe, supportive, accepting, and brave environment. We also put on the drag show every semester as a celebration of gender identity and expression as well as an educational opportunity for the audience.

If you have any questions, email