The Pride Resource Center is committed to supporting our students’ voice, self-advocacy, and leadership. Below you can see opportunities for engaging in our advocacy and leadership opportunities in Pride.

LGBTQ+ Student Experience Feedback Form

Have feedback or suggestions for change at CSU to better your experience as an LGBTQ+ student? We want to hear it! Submit this form with your name or anonymously and the feedback will go to our Pride student representatives in ASCSU, Trans Support Committees and more.


If your feedback involves references to Title IX issues, such as sexual assault, harassment, relationship violence or stalking, we may need to share this information with our Title IX reporting office. Additionally, if this references a a bias incident, we may share this information to our Bias Incident Report team. You can read more about these here:
Are you open to us following up with you about this concern?
Chosen & preferred names are absolutely welcome.