Finding Community

There are a lot of ways to get connected and find community through the Pride Resource Center. Take a look through our programs and services below. 

Queer Connections

Queer Connections is designed as your one stop shop to get you connected to LGBTQ+ centric support and community. Learn about all the meet ups & groups that we host & find the community for you!


Check our our full events calendar to learn about what we have coming up, like LGBTQIA+ History Month, Queer Prom, Trans Awareness Week, and Lavender Graduation.

Pride Community Retreat

Our retreat typically occurs over a weekend in September at CSU's Mountain Campus and focuses on community, reflection, learning, healing, and fun - all centered in our LGBTQ+ experiences. This is a great way for new students to get connected to the LGBTQ+ community at CSU.

Student Organizations

CSU has multiple student organizations that center LGBTQ+ experiences. Student orgs are created and run by students. it's a great way to meet folks, plan events like the Drag Show, and get leadership experience.

Support Groups

Pride works with Counseling Services through the CSU Health Network to provide support therapy groups for LGBTQ+ students. These include our Coming Out, Being Support Group and the Trans and Genderfluid Support Group.

CSU LGBTQ+ Discord

Discord is an app used to build casual community with folks of a shared interest. Join the CSU LGBTQ+ Discord server to meet folks, share resources, and stay connected.

LEAD Conference

LEAD Conference primarily supports 2nd year students of color at Colorado State University in the development of knowledge and skills geared towards professional development, leadership development, and career readiness. 

Out in the Rec

Attend LGBTQ+ centered fitness classes, introductory workshops, and Pride Outside outdoor rec trips.

Visible Voices

Our Visible Voices volunteers serve on panels to educate campus and the surrounding community on what it is like to be LGBTQ+ and what we look for in allies. This is a great volunteer position to build skills in peer education and presenting. Open to students, staff, faculty, and community members.