Basic Needs & Financial Support

We know that many students, particularly LGBTQIA+ students, benefit from different types of basic needs resources & financial support. Check out the links below to find resources that may work for you.

Scholarships & CSU Financial Support

Below you'll find funding resources to support your tuition & housing costs at CSU.

Pride Financial Aid Liaison 

Have questions about financial aid, scholarships, FAFSA, and more? You can get your questions answered by our Financial Aid Liaison, Jenna Waldvogel

    Email questions or reach out to schedule an individual meeting:

    photo Jenna Waldvogel in green polo shirt in front of Admin building.

    CSU Basic Needs Support

    Below you'll find resources to support housing & food security, transportation needs, gender affirming garments, hygiene needs & more.

    Pride Basic Needs Liaison 

    Have questions about,,, 

    • Affording groceries or accessing sufficient food to eat every day?
    • Finding a safe and stable place to live?

    Reach out to our Basic Needs Liaison, Michael Buttram to talk through your options & resources available!

    photo of Michael Buttram in a blue tshirt making a silly face.

    Financial Support for Transition Care

    Below you'll find resources for affording & funding HRT, surgery, name & gender marker changes, and more.