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The Pride Resource Center provides resources and support for all CSU community members to explore and increase their understanding of sexual/romantic orientation, gender, and identity intersection.

Statement on the Federal Administration Rule Regarding Protections for the Trans and Non-Binary Community

We at the CSU Health Network, the Pride Resource Center and the Women and Gender Advocacy Center (WGAC) are aware of the recent rule enacted by the Federal Administration that removes language from the Affordable Care Act specifically protecting healthcare access for the Trans and Non-Binary community. This updated ruling removes discrimination protections for Queer and Trans people seeking health care. Further, it erases the identities of the Trans community by defining “sex discrimination” as only applying when someone faces discrimination for being male or female. This narrow definition is a misconception that has been disproven time and time again and it denies the reality of the lives and experiences of our Trans and Non-Binary community. We want to assure you, as a result of the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act you legally cannot be denied access to health care in the state of Colorado based on your sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Click here to read our full statement.