Staff Hiring

To apply to work at the Pride Resource Center for the 2018-2019 school year, click HERE!*

Applications are DUE March 19th at 12 PM MST

2018-2019 Pride Resource Center Open Positions Descriptions


  • Serve as a positive representation of the Pride Resource Center, Student Diversity Programs & Services, the Division of Student Affairs, and Colorado State University
  • Be willing to work 7-10 hours/week
  • Attend staff meetings and supervisor meetings
  • Reports to the Assistant Director
  • Support office at different activities throughout the academic year
  • Other duties as assigned

Lead Front Desk/Office Management Student Coordinator 

  • Work directly with the Front Desk Staff Members for task delegation
  • Supervises Front Desk Staff
  • Acts as a support for Director and Assistant Director
  • Supports office management, specifically around finances
  • Other tasks as assigned

Front Desk Staff Member:

  • Run daily operations for the Pride Resource Center
  • Answer questions, respond to emails, answer the phone, etc.
  • Work directly with the Lead Front Desk Coordinator for task delegation
  • Responsible for creating/sending out “What’s Happening” email news letter
  • Oversees/updates social media on behalf of the office: Facebook, Instagram, etc

Front Desk Staff Member w/ Marketing Focus:

  • Completes the tasks listed above
  • To be trained/has been trained on photoshop
  • Creates/executes marketing plans for office events