Visible Voices

Connect. Educate. Act.

Visible Voices is a popular educational program adapted and coordinated by the Pride Resource Center. It has been a valuable educational tool used to inform students about the often times misunderstood issues surrounding gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth and their families..

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Visible Voices Program Goals

  •  to educate the Colorado State University community and the public about what it means to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex or an ally of  LGBTQ+ people and communities;
  •  to dispel myths and stereotypes about LGBTQ+ people;
  •  to build understanding and acceptance through open and honest dialogue;
  • to provide positive role models of LGBTQ+ people and allies and to let other LGBTQ+ people and allies know that they are not alone;
  • to present information about LGBTQ+ people in a  non-threatening, nonjudgemental atmosphere;
  • to offer LGBTQ+ and heterosexual/cisgender ally-identified students, staff, faculty, and community members an opportunity for self-growth and training in leadership skills, such as public speaking;
  • to challenge participants so that they may gain a greater level of understanding which helps them to actively consider what it is they believe and why and how they came to accept these beliefs.


Our volunteers have spoken in classrooms, residence halls, churches, and many arenas,

  • Panels typically consist of two to four people, who are part of the LGBTQ+ or ally communities. One of the volunteers will write information on the board about the Pride Resource Center, any pertinent announcements, and the panelists’ names.
  • The panels consist of five separate segments: personal introductions, introduction to the Pride Resource Center, coming out stories, Q & A, and evaluations. This provides a structure for the group we speak with and the panelists.
  • We distribute blank index cards, and then ask for all of them to be turned in. This helps people feel comfortable asking us questions, and we can be good stewards of the planet by not wasting all of the unused index cards.

In Others’ Words…

Some audience members commented on what they learned or were taking away from the presentations. Here are a few examples:

“I’ve more or less always considered people who didn’t fit into a certain box as “weird” but now I understand that more or less they have their own community, they count as a person/group. I’d never thought about it that way.”
“The process of coming out is not just something someone gay has to come to terms/deal with.”

“How hurtful some of the phrases we say can be, how unaccepting some people/groups can be, how everybody’s stories about life are different.”

I Want to request a panel!

Our volunteers have traveled across the CSU campus and beyond, including church youth groups and community organizations.

Unfortunately due to the massive amount of request, we will no longer be accepting Visible Voices panel request for the time being. Thank you!

If you are interested in using this program to enhance your curriculum or community, or for more information, please read on to learn how to invite us in to your classroom or organization:

Complete the program request form Click HERE. The request form covers a lot of topics, including choices of dates, objectives, class/group sizes, and special requests. Special requests can include a variety of requests, such as “only students”, “intergenerational panel”, etc. We strive to complete each request in its totality.

To guarantee panels, requests must be three weeks out from the date requested. Panels are only ensured during the academic school year. For panels during academic breaks (e.g. Summer and Winter), we will do our best but are not able to guarantee we will have the volunteers

After submitting your request, we will be in contact with you within three business days.


Visit: Pride Resource Center LSC 232
Call: (970) 491-4342

I Want to Volunteer!

Training is offered once per semester as long (must have at least five volunteers-in-training).

We have an upcoming Visible Voices training on:

Look for updates for a training in Fall 2019

Once you complete your application, you will be contacted. 

Application Deadline: TBD

Training includes topics such as vocabulary, concepts related to LGBTQ communities, nonviolent communication, mock panels and more.