Trans on Campus

Click through the pages listed below to learn about navigating campus as a trans & nonbinary student:

All Gender Restrooms

CSU has over 240 all gender restrooms, or single-user bathrooms open to folks of any gender. These bathrooms have period products available in them. You can see our map of where you can find a bathroom here.

Updating Name & Gender in CSU Records

CSU students are able to update their preferred/chosen name on RamWeb, as well as upload new documents to notify CSU of their legal name & legal gender marker changes. Changes can be made in Canvas, diplomas, Ram Card and more.

Trans Healthcare

The CSU Health Network has a Transgender Care unit. Learn more about accessing Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), surgery referrals, counseling services, and more.

Gender Affirming Garments

Pride works with the Women & Gender Advocacy Center to provide a collection of gender affirming garments (binders, compression underwear & bra inserts) to be available to CSU students at no cost to our students.

Residence Halls & Housing

CSU offers All Gender & Opening Housing for students to live with a roommate of any gender.

Supporting the Trans Community

Are you looking for resources to learn more about how to support trans people in your life, classes, or programs? Check out resources here.

Non-Discrimination Policy at CSU

CSU names gender identity and gender expression (among other identities) in our Non-Discrimination Policy. Read more and learn about reporting bias here.